Noh Balcha


The African Ethiopian Creative!

I am Noh. A proud Ethiopian and African. I am a creative individual with artistic superpowers in a multitude field of art. I drift through graphic design, digital illustrations, motion graphics, VFX, 3D modeling and rendering,
Desktop Publishing, Interior design, video, a bit of photography and also Developing websites.

I consider myself to be one of those unlucky individuals born on planet earth (unlike superman) without any innate abilities. It took a lot of sitting in front of the computer and just going through a lot of trial and error until I got the right skill locked in.


The reason why I do what I do is that I enjoy the long labor of creating what I see in my mind's eye. It’s like that dose of endorphins you experience right after an intense exercise at the gym. I'm addicted to it. As for having a specific medium of choice...it has to be digital.


Professionally I do graphic design with a lot of branding work and page layout as these have a quick turnaround for me. 

Right now I’m working on a series of 20 Art pieces to showcase at my very first art exhibition. Each artwork is a composite of various photos pieced together to convey a larger powerful image. Each piece is different as I only see one scene within the story at a time. As inspiration, I’m constantly exposing my mind to sci-fi and fantasy books, arts, and movies.

I hope in this short piece you’ve gotten a glimpse into my world. Feel free to contact me using the contact me tab on the main menu.

Thank you for reading.